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Gaijin Productions

Contacting GP



-Musashi (part 2): Disregard the below, I'm now at Thanks to Neil_ for the space. The tripod page will no longer be updated.
-Cleaned house. Report dead links and such please.

-Musashi: Kinda glad I kept this stupid tripod account. Well this will be the temporary home for Gaijin Productions. I am still looking for a better place to set up shop. I would like to have the nice counter I used to have so if you can provide me with that service as well as access to a fairly good server (I would have to personally be able to handle the files as well) please contact me at
-No big news on Sweet Home yet. I've been too busy of as late but I'll get to it. No way this one's dying.
-I'm also going to clean house. If your name is up there and you haven't contacted me in the last month or so then your gone. I'm gonna kill dead project pages and boot inactive members.

-Musashi: Sweet Home page up, no patch yet.
-I've received Ataru's work on the script so far and have begun romhacking it.

-Musashi: One important thing we forgot to mention about the Panzer patch is that for it to work properly you must have your Panzer rom in .bin format. So everyone with their roms in .smd format, don't forget to convert. It's in the readme file but it seems everyone doesn't read those things.

-Musashi: Bokudono's big surprise is a Japanese to English patch for the Genesis game Kishi Densetsu, tenatively called Panzer. The military strategy game is currently at the 20% mark. Stay tuned for future progress.
-Also be sure to check out Bokudono's other works at his site. Click here.

-Musashi: As previously stated I'm currently working on Little Master Episode 3 and Sweet Home. What may be new news to some is that I've made the Sweet Home project into a joint effort with the talent at Suicidal Translations. The main change is that Ataru will be finishing off what is left of the script, I will continue to serve as romhacker for this game. Thanks to InVerse and his group for their assistance. I realized this project would be finished much quicker with better translation support. A page for Sweet Home will be up soon.
-And if you didn't see it on their page I'm now a member of Suicidal Translations. I'm basically providing whatever translation and romhacking support the group may need. Glad to have signed on.
-The Ninja Rahoi project is very much alive as well. JaR21 continues his work on it.

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